Primary care providers benefits from public health leaders if they are effective in using policy and programs to address the overall health of the population (including addressing health equity and underlying social conditions that affect health), while public health officials benefits from the ability of primary care providers to provide individual patient assessment, disease management, care coordination, and quality improvement 1. Establishing connections to allow for the flow of current and relevant data will enhance the work of both primary care and public health professionals. This challenge is an effort to create connections that leverage the data and skills of each group to improve population health. Solutions should focus on building sustainable connections between primary care providers/systems and public health agencies for the exchange of data and information.

This is not an exercise to develop tools and techniques for specific disease interventions or programs, i.e. a tool for the clinical setting or strategies for patient education.

These groups are defined as follows:


Evaluation Criteria:

  1. Facilitates data exchange and fosters collaboration between primary care and public health professionals in a mutually beneficial manner
  2. Usability and design of solution
  3. Can be easily integrated into the workflow of primary care and public health professionals, including existing EHR / Health IT data infrastructures
  4. Innovation and unique qualities of solution (e.g., fills a known gap or breaks new ground)

Submission Criteria:

The challenge will take place in two phases. Phase I will require teams to submit a written description of the proposed solution, while Phase II will require working prototypes. The submission requirements for each phase must include (but not limited to):

Phase I:

  • A written description (up to 3 pages) describing the tools, strategies or techniques that facilitate collaboration between primary care and public health that includes:
    • Description of the proposed application
    • Description of the innovative and unique qualities of the concept
    • Product development plan
    • Team profiles
  • A slide deck with illustrations/mockups of the tool (no more than 10 slides)

Phase II:

  • 3 page development plan describing next steps to develop the product, business and marketing
  • 5 minute video demonstrating the application
  • Link to working application


  • Phase I: 5 Finalists: $3,000 each
  • Phase II First Place: $30,000
  • Phase II Second Place: $10,000
  • Phase II Third Place: $5,000

Winners of Phase II may be invited to feature their solutions at the Practical Playbook Annual Meeting on May 22-24, 2016.

Congratulations to the Phase I Finalists!





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